From early drawings to final construction, our vision remains clear – to unite innovation and functionality in distinct staircase designs


Risa Meyer is built on a Norwegian architectural tradition, where knowledge of materials creates the basis for our designs.



Our work is characterized by a design process combined with engineering that masters generations of use.

We only use high quality materials and our experienced craftsmen controls every detail by hand.


The designs of Risa Meyer emphasize the combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern manufacturing



Innovative use of wood makes the Risa staircase unique.

Each step is curved to increase space along the usually narrow centre of the stair.




The horizontal wooden profiles are stacked to create a vertical bridge, giving the staircase the unique sculptural character of architectural furniture. 



Clean lines and the combination of steel and wood makes the Ran staircase stand out.

Details in the staircase give the solid materials a precise and refined expression.

The steps are connected to the central column on site without any need for welding, ensuring an effective installation and a polished result. 

Suspended staircase for apartment Oslo

Suspended staircase for apartment Oslo


Special projects


Every new context gives us at Risa Meyer the opportunity to reinterpret the function and form of our staircases. 

We customize our designs to fit all locations.  

Feel free to contact us with any of your questions about our designs.


Large scale

The Risa staircase is planned as a centre piece in the new public school of Horten, Norway.

This project will contribute a new scale to the historical samples of spiral staircases made in wood, and is planned to be built in 2017.

The Foursquare staircase

The Foursquare staircase

Illustration by Link Arkitektur

Illustration by Link Arkitektur



As a fundamental of our work, we seek new formulas for architecture and design where we push the limits of current boundaries.




Each staircase gets its character from a combination of raw materials and a care for details.

Our wooden steps are made with a selection of hardwoods that meet our high standards for sustainable forestry. Our handrails are made from custom laminated wood to give every staircase the right feel. 




Oak is naturally strong and durable. A light color and prominent grain makes the beauty of the material a focal point of any design.

Oak is an option in all of our staircases.



Ash is dense and flexible. The detailing and flowing curves of this wood lends an elegant feel to other solid materials.

Ash is an option in all of our handrails and other detailing.




Wood is a raw material that requires treatment to keep its natural character through generations of use. 

We treat our wood with the very best of hard wax oils, with many tones available. By using these natural oil treatments, we ensure that your Risa Meyer staircase is durable and easy to maintain.


At Risa Meyer we are committed to create and develop original staircase designs that master generations of use


Initial ideas for the first Risa staircase were developed by architect Tron Meyer in 2013, who later founded the Norwegian company Risa Meyer in 2014. Today Risa Meyer is as a family-owned and run company.


Tron Meyer received his Master degree from The Oslo National Academy Of The Arts in 2007, working with painting and sculpture. In 2012 he completed his second Master degree at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design, studying architecture.

Today he is in charge of design and production at Risa Meyer.

Therese Meyer received her Master degree from The Oslo National Academy Of The Arts in 2007, working with painting and sculpture.

At Risa Meyer she works with management and economy. 


From their backgrounds both Tron and Therese bring a unique perspective to the craft, constantly honing their concept of innovative design.



In the process from initial drafts to final assembly, a Risa Meyer project lets the skill and integrity of both its craftsmen and designers take center stage.

As a result, every staircase comes with details and dimensions tailored to the final context and its architecture.




We talk to clients all over the world and work to find the best solution to each project. 

If you would like to know more about what we can offer, feel free to contact us.



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